The origins

Framàr: my signature

A fundamental part of my existence, and also of the signature, concerns my father. I started drawing with him when I was very young, it was one of our many games. At the age of 9 I drew, together with him, with India ink. Many people think that I share drawing with everyone (since it is my job), in reality the only person with whom I have shared drawing and all that this entails has always been him. Drawing elbow to elbow was one of the many ways we had to be together, finding ourselves in that imaginary and fantastic world, all ours, into which we immersed ourselves every time we found ourselves with a blank sheet of paper in front of us. When he passed away, just as we were planning how to open a business together, everything ended… not just the drawing! In the years that followed, drawing no longer made sense, I didn’t even miss it!! I felt it like an energy that was born with him and left with him!! But just as you cannot govern the devastating events that suddenly strike you along the way, nor can you decide the arrival of exciting ones like the birth of my son! 13 years had passed since I stopped drawing and, just as the desire had gone away (to the point of believing that I would never draw again), it came back and in that moment I discovered pyrography and another avenue to explore was opened before my eyes. My father and my son…a life, mine, that revolves around them…both Frangioni Marcello, hence the Framàr signature.
Framàr pyrography
Framàr pyrography


My way of seeing art

My art? Trying to ensure that what the client asks of me and my passion run on the same track and lead to a single objective: the satisfaction of both. Everything has always been at the service of this aspect.

A creation derives from an entire artistic journey that has different phases:

  • think about how to develop that request;
  • try to make the customer understand that they have confidence in my choices, trusting me completely (e.g. in relation to the choice of support);
  • set up the design to find the right combination between the support and what I will create;
  • turn on the pyrograph and immerse myself in a world of sensations and smells that will lead to the final result.